Love Weber is a professional photographer who’s interest in people and their environment has shaped his work from an early age.

His love for portraits, his curiosity and fascination for people and their lives has produced a great body of work over the years and led him to work in the fashion industry on an extensive basis.
Born in Paris and with his photographic education concluded in London, his own projects often focus on the big western city, making urban landscapes and architecture an important part of his work. His eye for architectural photography comes from a sound knowledge of the architectural profession and his eye for the urban landscape comes from a deep involvement and interest in the subject. Weber’s urban landscapes portray the tension created by nature within a city as well as people’s effect on the built environment. This effect is often emphasised by their absence and exposes the individuality of a city as if it were a human portrait.

Love Weber is based in Bern, Switzerland, but captures great photographic moments all over the globe.